Wednesday, March 31, 2010


CURRENT CLOTHING: White scrimmage tee which i'll now wear to bed and sailor underwear... under a cosy dressing gown
CURRENT MOOD: full as a goog and exhausted from training, blissful.
CURRENT HAIR: In a top knot!!
CURRENT ANNOYANCE: Walking down the hallway to bed, probably do some curls and push ups before dying.
CURRENT SMELL: Fresh air coming in from outside
CURRENT THING YOU OUGHT TO BE DOING: Sleeping! Chasing Duke away from catching bats!
CURRENT JEWELLERY: NADA!! Except for two peircings which i've never taken out.
CURRENT BOOK: Zombie Survival Kit I.
CURRENT CRUSH: Bill Murray, Gerard Butler, Ol' Blue Eyes, Roller Derby.
CURRENT LONGING: Cuddles in bed.. two years is a long time to be lonely
CURRENT MUSIC: Really digging Fame Monster - Lady Gaga and White Album - The Beatles and Gogol Bordello, probably more so than usual because i am sad i missed the show :(
CURRENT WISH: To wake up and be happy.
CURRENT MAKE-UP: None, mm clean face after training scrub a dub.
CURRENT REGRET: Eating the second serving of Pecan Danish and Ice Cream!! Tummy says NO DICE. Will regret it in the morning.
CURRENT DESKTOP PICTURE: Atom Bombs Vs. Psychotics with Mum, Dad, Paul and Tessa standing in the background.. my favourite photo.
CURRENT OBSESSION: When Zombies Attack, Roller Derby, Being Happy, Massages !!

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