Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We have a She-Leader!

Well Gee wizz, i fly away from the facebook spectrum for a whole three days and Australian Government goes all topsy turvy!

I don't know how to feel about this incredibly monumental moment... We have a female Prime Minister.

"We'll never see a black man as president..."
"We'll never see a female leader of Australia..."
"You won't live to see your 22nd bithday..."
HA suckers; i knew all along!!

My calves are burning, my lady is shining and the coffee is black.
Enjoyed a bowl of winterful Banana and Walnut Honey Oats this morning, a bit of a play on the whole Protein slash Carbs slash Fats (Slash Fruit.. i always have to have plenty of fruit). I won't eat two apple in the same day. I try not to eat anything out of a packet(Ice cream and Chocolate hold the exception..)

I am looking forward to working this afternoon, finishing my cross stitch, spending the weekend with mi familia.. i got to hold Izzy last night for the first time in a week.. Gastro is something to be greatly avoided .. especially to that of a wee bern liker dear Izzy.

Today i will;
clean the bathroom(CHECK)
clean the kitchen (CHECK)
teach an ol' hound new tricks(Shake my hand, baby).
write some postcards..
steps of Puppy School into li'l black book
a stroll around the neighbourhood..
home for pumpkin soup and crusty bread
ice cream and probably some television..

i don't watch television, and i have come to the very severe realization that i may be bright.. but i couldn't tell you what a Kardashian is, i have no idea about the economy.. only that it makes 'adults' in my life sad and stressed, sometimes even mentally depressed, i couldn't even begin to understand the 'Dollar' and when it is good to buy some new Sugars.. Does this make me dumb? Does this make me special?
Not in a good way, i feel a bit daft for not knowing, i've never considered myself naive, i guess it's quite similar to my .. everybody has a good side.. i like to think no matter what, deep down people are alright.. so things can't be that bad(And Mr. Murphy says, if everything seems alright, you have no idea whats going on).

I'll never question Mrs. Murphy.


When your smiles stuck in m head like a pop song..

Day Duex of Anti-FB.
I spent the morning humming about the house waiting for 11PM to roll around so i could bolt on into KK to see Seemore Spinner. My phone flashed up at just past 10 and i was ready to be drilled.

The constant need of having to tell the world what i am doing is becoming a fuzzy backburn. I don't need you, i want you.. but never need.

I spend more time in the moment of things than wadering about my own wonders.

I finally got my lady, I couldn't thank Spinner enough for this. She is a masterpiece to me. An incredible feeling.. having carried this woman around with me for years now. On every wall, as a screensaver, by my bedside. But now she is at my side. For all time.

Endulged in a delicious Ham and cheese Croissant, a whisper perhaps.. "YOU'VE ALREADY HAD A BREAD-LIKE SUBSTANCE TODAY!.. AND THE BUTTER.. YOU'RE HAVING GOULASH TONIGHT NO MORE BUTTER"... no what i heard was 'I'm hungry and i got derby tonight.. feed me up.. oh i love this cafe' and on we go.

Tonight i head off to bed with a tummy full of Peanut Butter Cups. I have been in high love with this Toxic for many a moon. For a year now have known of her but what a wonder. A leader in every sense of the word. Sends me.. ME... a mighty bag of Peanut Butter Cups and a reason to sleep in. A wonder; understatement. She is just divine.

Off we pop. Not much on for tomorrow. Mister O'Keefe was booked out and couldnt' see me in time before i had to run off to work. So have rescegged.

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.
But i'm fine, i'm fine..

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am moments away from running out the door to my first appointment with P.O'K in about 3 months. Well exactly three months actually.

I have jumped on the computer twice, both times UNWILLINGLY tappering in 'w.w.w.f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k.c.o.m' WOW NELLY. No thanks.
Diverting straight back onto this to tell the world that it aint all it cracked up to be, the interweb, not the world. I went for a walk across the highway to drop off my friends birthday presents at her door... visited some family friends and their new Pup.. giving them some pointers that i have already picked up from Puppy-Pre-School.
Nom'd on the most DELICIOUS Homemade Pumpkin Soup and crust bread(Thanks Papa) I really, really miss having dinner dished up for me. I took it upon myself years ago to take care and prepare for myself and only myself. Portion Size, Grams of Fat, Even what dish it is served on. There is nothing i love more than eating out, with friends.. where the focus is on the person, the sound, the atmosphere, the aromas.
Ah yes.

So Keefy, what can i say? I'm happy sir, so thanks for helping.

Then off to work and straight to training from there...
Probably a midnight bowl-o-porridge to tire me over till 12-00PM tomorrow.. oh and the anticipation rises.

Take care now.
Bye Bye then.

Happy Birthday K!

I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

Taking time away from Facebook is like trying to drain marrow from a bone.
Why must we be constantly 'updated' with what everybody else is doing/upto?
Are they even real? I know for once i think about what i'm going to update my status as before i update it. To see what kind of replies i get? To show others that i actually lead a great life?

What is with the need and wants to SIMPLY MUST KNOW how your life compares.
For me, i have found it is also a boredom factor. I have nothing to do during the day(of course i have things to do during the day i just think it's too hard).

I went looking for casual work a few weeks ago and settled nice and snug into my brothers place of work also, where i am slowly being trained up to be the next Puppy Trainer. Can you imagine my delight? It was exactly that, maybe a bit more blush and glow. (Two french bulldogs stole my heart last night, one had a dud-eye.. i could have died).

But i thought it would be taking up my days.
No, my days now start at 3pm every day and follow through to 10pm.
This includes going from Work - Training on three nights.

So now, as per usual.. i am finding it harder and harder to get out of bed.
Even cutting back my food intake. I don't get hungry in Winter.

Kerry Anne is showing 'weirdo's.
1. a lady that collects teabags.. dirty teabags.
2. our dalmation passed away... let's paint our house spotty.

I'm going to grab a pear and head on over to drop off my friends birthday present.
Happy Birthday Kathryn.

Next update will include;
Boys, Fellas, Scamps, Scoundrels & my how my heart wanted it all.
(Oh my god, i'm thinking about boys again... bliss!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

is holding her own, and happy.

Oh my, where do i begin with this mega watt?

After a few bumps and gastric illness mother and bubs are doing fine, and G & T couldn't be more proud of their beautiful baby sister.
My first niece and will sound as bias as she wants, the most beautiful wee bern i have EVER laid my eyes on. A bundle of joy, hope and pure bliss for the family that not only love more, but work more than any other family i know. That family, as a whole... is something to kirtsy to.. So much love, it makes me ill to think i may never know what that solid bond feels like... Having said that, i feel the same with the derby family. People said it was a phase, it was
As it rains down in the Hollow i sit here, legs crossed in front of the fire refusing to move till an absolute need... Bottle of water(in a sappy attempt to detox, feel better after consuming so much Sat. Fats on the weekend). Which as acknowledged i don't remember much to any of what was consumed apart from good company and laughing so hard my nasal passages began to ache.

Great Southern Slam proved 2 things to me, i am not the person i use to be.. having said that, who is? After such a wonderful weekend filled to the brim of women on skates, women with attitude, a sense of self, i could never explain what that community means to me. From across the borders to across the oceans. When it comes to numbers, our Sister League Victoria Roller Derby League took out the nationals against Sun State Rollers. And what an epic game. Couldn't be more proud of Aunty K and the rest of the Grrls.

And it continued! Not one day without some wheels beneath me whether it was in South or home again. Ms. Wylie came down to train us up, situate us on strategic maneuvers.. and given the chance to train with some VRDL ladies. all arrows point to delicious.

Oh can't i just dot point?
# Puppy School Instructer, thanks P.
# New baby smell mmmmm
# sleepless nights and midnight texts from somebody you can't/won't/don't.
# Ink Slingin'
# Penny Throwin'
# Some hold on my own.
# Vegetable Patch Planning
# State Hoppin'
# Harder Training....

I'll do anything to constantly be improving myself, there is always going to be something else, something we can't reach, something we can't control and something that makes for a bad mood... But it is what we do with ourselves, our thoughts, our actions.. Make your own happy.

$$$ I don't like mean people.

Pictulas on a later date.
Hummina. x