Monday, June 21, 2010

I am moments away from running out the door to my first appointment with P.O'K in about 3 months. Well exactly three months actually.

I have jumped on the computer twice, both times UNWILLINGLY tappering in 'w.w.w.f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k.c.o.m' WOW NELLY. No thanks.
Diverting straight back onto this to tell the world that it aint all it cracked up to be, the interweb, not the world. I went for a walk across the highway to drop off my friends birthday presents at her door... visited some family friends and their new Pup.. giving them some pointers that i have already picked up from Puppy-Pre-School.
Nom'd on the most DELICIOUS Homemade Pumpkin Soup and crust bread(Thanks Papa) I really, really miss having dinner dished up for me. I took it upon myself years ago to take care and prepare for myself and only myself. Portion Size, Grams of Fat, Even what dish it is served on. There is nothing i love more than eating out, with friends.. where the focus is on the person, the sound, the atmosphere, the aromas.
Ah yes.

So Keefy, what can i say? I'm happy sir, so thanks for helping.

Then off to work and straight to training from there...
Probably a midnight bowl-o-porridge to tire me over till 12-00PM tomorrow.. oh and the anticipation rises.

Take care now.
Bye Bye then.

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