Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We have a She-Leader!

Well Gee wizz, i fly away from the facebook spectrum for a whole three days and Australian Government goes all topsy turvy!

I don't know how to feel about this incredibly monumental moment... We have a female Prime Minister.

"We'll never see a black man as president..."
"We'll never see a female leader of Australia..."
"You won't live to see your 22nd bithday..."
HA suckers; i knew all along!!

My calves are burning, my lady is shining and the coffee is black.
Enjoyed a bowl of winterful Banana and Walnut Honey Oats this morning, a bit of a play on the whole Protein slash Carbs slash Fats (Slash Fruit.. i always have to have plenty of fruit). I won't eat two apple in the same day. I try not to eat anything out of a packet(Ice cream and Chocolate hold the exception..)

I am looking forward to working this afternoon, finishing my cross stitch, spending the weekend with mi familia.. i got to hold Izzy last night for the first time in a week.. Gastro is something to be greatly avoided .. especially to that of a wee bern liker dear Izzy.

Today i will;
clean the bathroom(CHECK)
clean the kitchen (CHECK)
teach an ol' hound new tricks(Shake my hand, baby).
write some postcards..
steps of Puppy School into li'l black book
a stroll around the neighbourhood..
home for pumpkin soup and crusty bread
ice cream and probably some television..

i don't watch television, and i have come to the very severe realization that i may be bright.. but i couldn't tell you what a Kardashian is, i have no idea about the economy.. only that it makes 'adults' in my life sad and stressed, sometimes even mentally depressed, i couldn't even begin to understand the 'Dollar' and when it is good to buy some new Sugars.. Does this make me dumb? Does this make me special?
Not in a good way, i feel a bit daft for not knowing, i've never considered myself naive, i guess it's quite similar to my .. everybody has a good side.. i like to think no matter what, deep down people are alright.. so things can't be that bad(And Mr. Murphy says, if everything seems alright, you have no idea whats going on).

I'll never question Mrs. Murphy.


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