Monday, August 23, 2010

Craving Vitamin B, C and D.

I had a bad day yesterday, a really bad dad.
In comparrison, i had a pretty damn amazing weekend...
Ultimate list;
Shar Pei Pee leg at work
Missing meals, replacing meals
Salad rolls for dinner
Chocolate Labs
Rollerama ventures
Bella & Keyes
Buying a dress or two
Completing forms
Making plans
Picnics at Buckley Falls
Sleeping in till Lunchtime
Tupperware Parties gone haywire
Free coffee when you weren't expecting it
Betsy Blonde & Boss Doc
Rai Scar & Becks mega roast & pudding night
Meeting the Dachies
Self realizations
Making proper plans for future
What i wanna do
What i gotta do
What i'm gonna do
Derby Training, in reverse.
Working muscles, stretching core.
Love yourself now, Treat yourself now.

i'm on hold with 3 mobile.. one handed blog
So when you get woken up at 2.28AM by a blood curdeling scream and a smash caboom blammo, you want to run away. You want to wake up 7 years old and allowed to eat what you want, put on your rollerskates and skate up and down your street without a care in the world. But you can't. You sleep with your light on, worried that she has hurt herself. Knowing you can't wake somebody from something like this. I had a warning, but no way of knowing what was going to happen.

Poor dear.
I wake up at 11AM two days in a row. I don't sleep in, i like making the most of the morning, the midday and the afternoon... i enjoy sleeping when the sun is down. (my hand is still smudgey with vegemite.. at least i hope it's vegemite..)

With a dirty message from my dear heart "You said you were going to get up at 8.30" Really? Really? you know how much i was kicking myself already and you make me feel even worse. Do you know how much i punish myself already? I am now signed up with a 24/7 Gym and i love it, i do. I love that i have something to do, somewhere to go. But i don't like using it as a way of punishment. Which i have been. I'm being charged for it, so since moving out of home i don't want to go wasting something that i'm paying for. Same goes for food.

As per usual, i get stressed and it comes out in what i'm consuming. Is it so bad to want to just lie on the couch and watch a television series? Something tells me i should be moving, always moving.

My head is stuffed, both now, from flu and mentally from stress.
I have things to do, things i have to do. And by have i mean, want to with a bit more importance.

Aka. Finding out information on catch up classes and university courses.

I didn't pass VCE Math, and to get into the Uni course i want to do i must have it. Therefor catchup classes is the way to go. Instead of waiting out another 6 months and picking up later.

Not enjoying feeling frumpy.
I am now at a BMI of 18.


I reversed out of my driveway and hit a man on his motorized scooter.

*i haven't been writing in a long time... this is word vomit.
*i ate so much cheese crackers and chocolate because i missed dinner and was starving that i threw up.
*feelings over thought
*psychotics lost the grand final
*i love fruit
*i tried to go vegetarian for a while, Rai made me change my mind
*i want to take part in Going Without...any suggestions?

Back on the blog world, including images.
Thanks for letting me use your laptop Miss S.

Back to the scratching post...


  1. Are you sure you need VCE Maths for your course? I don't have VCE anything (didn't even finish Year 11. True story) and being mature age got me out of that a couple of times.

    I'm sorry your day has been so shithouse but Rollerama was totally the highlight of my weekend. Our chat was the best. Give me your LJ username and I'll hook you up with the old friends-only blog.

  2. To tell you the truth, i've forgotton my LJ account completely! And have changed Email that many times i'd have no idea on how to retrieve it!

    To get into my course, i need foundation math VCE.. i want to do Primary Teaching, so it's a must.
    I'm going to Uni today to find out more.
    Productivity rules.