Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sick of eet.

I try to surround myself with beautiful, loving things. In hope that one day it'd remind me of it all, when in fact it has been happening this whole time.
You know what stinks, though? Realizing you work so hard, put so much effort into something you love, am so evilly passionate about. To the point of secret stress fractures when at the end of the day, you're under your own radar.

So to this i ask, what's the point?
Do i continue doing so, or do i go back to finding something else.

You really hurt my feelings tonight, a friend wouldn't have done that to me.
As long as you're alright, it's okay.. i'm glad that's how you feel. I know many very happy people that live like that. Miserable, People Hating, It's not selfish, it's just you feel good as long as you're happy.

Cool, have fun with that.
I meant what i said yesterday, and one thing i am really good at. Is lying to myself more so than to others.

Don't tell me how you took this, not up to your standards. Like the world.

The deville said 'take this pill'.
She was sweet,


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