Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good and Gooder

1. Enjoy a sunset
2. Walk barefoot in the grass
3. Dance in the rain
4. Enjoy the feeling and smell of clean sheets
5. Smile at a stranger
6. Have a killer cup of coffee
7. Splurge on your favorite wine
8. Crack a cold beer on a hot day
9. Listen to your favorite music
10. Play with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews
11. Indulge in your favorite chocolate cookies
12. Dance like nobody’s watching
13. Go for a drive to nowhere in particular
14. Write in a new notebook
15. Bake some bread from scratch
16. Get all dressed up for a dinner at home
17. Watch a movie while eating fresh popped popcorn
18. Soak in a hot bath
19. Bake chocolate chip cookies to share
20. Play fetch with your dog
21. Pull your kids in a wagon
22. Organize a picnic
23. Feel the wind blow through your hair
24. Enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich with chocolate milk
25. Relax at home after a tough day
26. Have a few sticks of licorice
27. Get a massage
28. Have your nails done
29. Splash around in a pool
30. Blow bubbles and run around popping them
31. Make a snow man
32. Laugh uncontrollably at something that’s not that funny
33. Take 10 minutes and flip through the latest edition of your favorite magazine
34. Make snow angels
35. Get buried in the sand at the beach
36. Take a nap in the afternoon sun
37. Wake early and enjoy the quiet
38. Watch the sunrise
39. Eat french bread dipped in a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
40. Use an electric blanket on a cool night
41. Enjoy hot tea with lemon and honey when you’re sick
42. Enjoy chicken cordon bleu (one of my favorites!)
43. Warm your feet by a fire waterfall
44. Read your favorite book
45. Smell the fresh rain
46. Canoe around a lake at sunset
47. Reminisce about years gone by it’s great to see how far you’ve come
48. Get your kids to nap at the same time :)
49. Listen to the sound of a waterfall
50. Wear a pair of soft fuzzy slippers

1 comment:

  1. I like your 'good and gooder'. My favourites are the simple ones like smile at a stranger, wear nice soft slippers, and coffee (my truest, most reliable and enduring love)