Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spectacles, testicals, wallet and watch..

I'll begin the long time break by saying; WELL ISN'T IT JUST!

Breakfast done, face on, sitting here in a dressing gown wondering what it is exactly i can do to get that feeling back. The feeling of productivity, appreciation for the day and a little bit of self-happy.
Come 6th of June i'll be taking place in my very first bout.. Sure it took a year to get me to a place and weight that i could get smashed around without breaking. But that year has been the most amazing, strange, beautiful year to date.
Kinships, Family, Love, Crushes, PT Work, New hobbies, Dancing, Skating, Skating, Skating, Laughing, Delicious Eats, Pretty faces, adventures abroad, adventures indoors.

I'll be wearing the Blue & Black uniform of the Psychotics who will be smashing bits with The Beautiful broads of the Ballarat Rat Pack. Can't wait. Especially considering how one person doesn't think i can do it; sure they don't know much. But i trust what they do, and for him(yeah, i'm talking about you) to think i can't do it... well son, just makes me wanna push harder. Skater faster, Hit snugglier, and flip you off as i go by.

Harley is now fashioning a Zebra print collar with bell. One too many feathers at the front door.

What else? I'm stuck on the end of the diving board, ready for it. But not wearing my goggles. SO WAITA MINUTE!! I got this far, give me a breather... this is merely a talk from me to me. I'm never going to be good enough for ME. I hold self acceptance and self worth far too high for my own good. Having said that I tend to whisper the following words at least once a week "Come the end of the day, the people that matter are always going to be there at the end of the day.. whether you decide to take the plunge or not, to eat the slice of cake or not, to dance around in your knickers or not... same faces.. if they matter".

Two weeks till we fly across borders to beautiful Adelaide.. i hope my faux fur russian hat with the ear flaps comes before then! I read over my flight deets last night, and found out me and Genie have to be at the airport by 4.30AM on the friday morning.. we're a bit eager.

I'm thinking of having a bit of a sunday garage/market stall this Sunday at BVAC if anybody is interested.

Babe McManus is due in the next 20 days... so that sits all cozy between First Bout-Dads Birthday-Great Southern Slam.... couldn't have picked a more fun-filled week little peanut!!

This post is dedicated to a little bit of Scarlet; no proper reason. Just had her on my mind while i wrote this.

Too much Homemade Granola & Yogurt for breakfast... i is feeling fullz.
Oh i also NSO'd the Dead Ringer Rosies VS. Dolls Au Go Go...
If i could just do derby everyday, fulltime, fullweek, till death.. i'd be pretty stoked.

I don't deal well with boredom.
An lately, hello boredom.
Wouldn't even care if it was office work 8-6.. just something!!

Stacks Off.

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  1. Ms Stack Kat,

    Sounds like we will be on the same flight!
    You were amazing today, if I didnt't know it was your first bout I would never have guessed!
    It was a bit of a crazy one but I wanted to say hi and got all shy. See you on the way to Radelaide!