Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And never underestimate the power of Body Language.

A form of communication.
An act of kindness, kinship and love.
The vessel to our gizzards..
and the transport of our soul.

The heart holds memory,
the grey matter remembers the memory
and the body gets the brunt of it.

We hold stress in our shoulders,
We run so much our feet burn,
We work our fingers to the bone,
We try to do 3 things at once and Stub our toe
We're too busy looking to the future that we don't see a passing car

My god, what we put our bodies through...and they always somehow forgive us...
Going on 3 years, and getting my results back from my Bone scan today...
Will reality finally hit me?
Will i be counting my blessings?
That i have a chance?
I'm holding my breath and turning blue...
and by next week i hand over the keys(literally) and hang my hat at the door...
I'm listening to my body.

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