Wednesday, October 13, 2010

has always had a thing for the beast...

I find myself looking past my achieved goals; just so the stress has passed.
Instead of being mindful of where i am; and what i am doing.

Take Brisbane for example, Monday is as much on my horizon as the bout on Saturday. Instead of just being completely jibber jabbered that i've been ALLOWED and WORKED HARD to get to the point where i'm even considered an 'Emergency' and allowed to sit on the side lines cheering on the girls i train three times a week with. I have my best friends name tatooed on me. Both of them actually, and yet i have been so wrapped up with Roller Derby lately that i haven't had 'time' (nor made) to see her/them.

My neice has been alive for four month; and i have barely seen her.

Fuck that for a joke.

(it's the day for profanities).

Ps. 9.52AM and i'm staring adoringly at the Beast whilst goosepimples rise from the music of Beauty and the Beast. He was only meant to be portraying a 20 year old man turned into said Beast.

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