Wednesday, October 13, 2010 going to bed as a Bloody Mary

Knee Deep in Pooch Shampoo
Our Jacks brothers kisses
Hart for Familia
Late Night Work Phonecalls
Osteo Morrow
Vol au Vants
Midnight Crumpet Dinner
Brisbane in 1.5 sleeps
Early Morning escapades with the Black Bear
Ooh a favourite.

So i tend to eat, think, plan around Derby training.
Yes, i have an Eating Disorder. Yes i notice that my time-away has been short lived due to planning for Brisbane.
But i am more than excited that my hours at work have increased within walking in and walking out.
I will be skating for the BLOODY MARYS at the Grand Final for the VRDL at the Melbourne Showgrounds.
I'm late to bed, again.
I ate late night dinner and didn't feel bad.
Because Peanut Butter fixes everyting.
I over ate because i was nervous, constant need of feed due to "the control was all i was good at".
Erhm, naming the hound.
Aye, Doing exactly what makes me happy.
Paying off debts.
Fixing self.
Playing Uke.
Waiting for Ashlea to come back.
Chris and his awkward "IM EATING CAKE" and it spat into my mouth. ACCIDENT CARB!
I want more healthy addictions.
Craft is definately up there.
Ebay + Niece + Photos + Art + Helping + Laughing + Puppies..
But really, music use to be an addiction.
Roller Derby is an addiction.
But i am scared to think where i would be, what i would do without.

Care to be without.
I need sleep.
I've been down, i've been troubled.
I've been stuck in my head.
URGH fucking i i i.
That's me done for.
You want me? Come and find me.

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