Monday, October 11, 2010

Monsteral Cycling.

It's gotten to the point where i'm so a flutter in the brainbox that i'm up then i'm down (thanks k. perry) i'm becoming upset then shrugging it off.. Like i'm tug-o-warring. They warned me this day would come. And it's fine, look i can literally snap into realistic thinking these days. This is a comfort for me.

I'm not wanting to be 'that' girl. Nor do i want to be acknowledged by the way i stand. Or whome i stand with. As humans we tend to rely on physicality and perception before even considering the inner gizzards. It's easier for us to comprehend. Understanding that if we give a 'compliment' when sincere, it will be the right thing to do and or say. When in reality we should find 100 other reasons to tip our hats and a pat on the back.

"We're all fighting our own battles."

promised myself i'd hit the pillow before midnight.
i'm sure tomorrow is going to be beautiful

& atoms.
things that have nothing to do with meals/food tomorrow that i'd like to do to satisfy my jitterbugs.
#Unload Dishwasher
#Paint/Art up Shelf in room
#Organize for ***
#Start Packing
#Puppy School write up for B's classes
#Morning Walk(do not obsess. Do not obsess)
#Spotlight run?
#Find things to sell on ebay/market
#Package for BB Birthday
#Wait for Postman
#Grey Water Garden and Mushroom Patch
#Organize Room

if you can tell, the only time i sit down and 'chill' is when i'm on the computer.

Urgh, all the emotions without the showing.
This is like a peacock dancing without his feathers.

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