Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obladi Oblada

Do i think other people make up excuses or falsely placed legitimate reasons as to dog out of plans to avoid a higher point of anxiety? I was thinking about this on the drive to work, it's not ANYTHING to do with that other person. If anything, there is more excitement therefor my heart races a bit faster, raising my awareness and therefor anxiety which if anything entices me to text them and pull out of the plans. It's nothing to do with that other person. I love people, when face to face with them i am so happy to be there, but the leading up to? I am a sucker for What-Ifs.

Funnily enough(it's not funny at all) i'm at my most calm when around those with high stressors switch on... biggest anti die-ter i know of.. and refuse to let ANYBODY be over ridden with negative mind from being happy.

I've decided a few things.
One of which is to stop living in the past, this goes for regretting binges and feelings of unworthiness... no point really.

Another thing.
Laddie, and his beautiful face.


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