Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today i go without..

Since the 12th of December i have been going 'a day without..' something.
Coca Cola
Make Up
Swearing(the hardest!)
Spending a cent(even unintentionally!)

Today i am going without Jewelery.
This can sound pretty odd, but i always wear jewelry. And apart from piercings i feel quite starkers today.

Speaking of today.
Drugs, drama and dogs, what a wonderful start to my day.
Each morning i take the Boys out to adventure the world, each day i let them choose the direction and we go wandering before breakfast. Well sometimes other people have the same idea.. I had a thought of taking them to the Primary School oval to have a chase about, but after the most AWESOME puppy play date *remind me tell you about it later.. well we didn't stop and kept climbing up that hill... towards us came a lovely smiling lady and her little Kelpie who i remember her calling 'Diamond'? I told her Spike is all talk, he barks and chucks a hissy but nothing too much. Well he WENT this dog. Now i may look like next to nothing but i never lose control of my boys. But Spike still got a good chunk and the other dog was snarling.. The lady was not impressed.. Not only this but it was on the main Queenscliffe Highway so when i grabbed spiked Muzzle to hold him back it looked like i was just abusing my dog. And i got a few beeps. I had to continue the walk with my hand tightly around Spikes collar on his neck. And when we got home i yelled at him, i was disappointed. And ashamed and embaressed.

After crying. shower. breakfast. and a huge breath in and out i went downstairs to apologise with a coffee in hand. On sight i freaked, Spike was not just cowering away from me but his eye was black and looked like he'd had a stroke.

Of course i freaked, i chucked my coffee onto the lawn strapped the boys into the car and piss bolted down the highway towards Work. P let R know and i got him in straight away. I was a blubbering mess, thinking i'd REALLY hurt him. R said she'd hit me if i didn't stop crying. I love her.

TUrns out as i had a hold of Spikes neck, basically it had strained him and caused a small blood vessle to burst. It is clear now and she checked his whole body out.
I've been noticing him wimpering of a night time and constantly CONSTANTLY licking his right wrist. And R let me know it is his Arthritis playing up.

He is senile.
Has arthritis .. and i yelled at him.

After the pigs ear, the femur, and the biggest hug ever.. i think he has forgiven me.
Oh and Bhoy got his one stitch from his ball taken out.

It's just gone 11.44 and i'm about to go and get a Bone Scan, i'm not sure what the process is, but the process in my pants says i'm nervous as hell.

This is the real deal guys, this is the reality of what i have done to myself.
And this is my taking responsibility for said actions.

Burgers and Chats with A afterwards, then puppies... thank goodness for puppies.

Will jotter before Christmas..


Wish me luck....

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