Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wishes Izzy a happy 6 months alive in this beautiful world.

This won't be in anyway near as in depth as usual, i took a step back and rubbed my eyes. Rolling out of bed the day after getting SLEIGHED by the Santas Hell-pers i felt memorized and far too brittle to write.

I'm putting the final touches to my Christmas hoard, this is what i love most about Christmas. The Pre-Gift-Giving-Jitters. The "WILL SHE LIKE IT, I HOPE SHE LIKES IT"

I have had cuddles with my pretty niece
I have written a response to a letter
I have cried into my pillow
I have played tug-o-war with a Santas head.. and lost
I have eaten Sushi with my favourite
I have lost $5 on a Scratchie
I have made a difficult decision
I have broken a barrier
I have taken things slowly
I have finished Philosophers Stone..
I have started Animals of Farthing Wood
I have run away to gardens to think..
I have heard from Jeannie
I have listened to Mario Lanza

Alot can happen in two days, and all these little things.. mean that if anything was to ever happen to me. If i was to walk outside and get hit by a bus, i tried to make the most of my life. With whatever was given to me, i lived the best way i knew possible. I had backslides, i made mistakes, i tried to do the whole 'meal plan' thing, but it was too restrictive, i like to eat when i'm hungry, sleep when i'm tired..
i have good days
i have bad days

but i am always trying

and i love you, to the point of madness.

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