Friday, January 22, 2010

Dreaming in Sepia

Lesson of the day:
When all else fails... turns it off.. and turn it on again.

Things that made me smile:
Apart from her.


majority of it.

There will be a day when it is back to some kind of normal, i don't want to know when that day is. The fact i can somehow see the horizon through all the muck of times, i am smiling even thinking how far i have come.
And i am thankful for so much, where would i be without my sister?
Bamalam & Fink taking me under their stinky derby wings...

Hell, i can't even imagine what the hell i'd be doing if i didn't have Roller Derby.

Ahh.. shower time for stack as i slap off the clothes and slink into boodwah

Nighty Gowning.

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