Friday, January 22, 2010

Yes ma'am..

Night Markets

Bats in the Fruit Trees
Robot Fan Voice

Pine Lime Cordial

Breathing into the belly

Thai Fish Curry

My best friends eyes



Scavanging the decks

Tidying, piling, ridding.

Reading 4.0


Not Listening

Tonight see's me amongst it, attempting to sort through my head.

Funny, huh? You are told that you 'spend too much time in your head' or 'think too much' and what automatically happens? You sure don't get OUT of your head, oh no. You delve deeper.. and question the question at hand with another thought, proloning the inevitable.. feeling like you're back at square one.

Like that tune my sister always has on her mixtapes. The "ol'" me is dead and gawn. Here stands somebody, anybody.. the person i am. The person i intend on being, and the one that i get to fall asleep with everynight.

It's fun being me. Isn't it fun being you? Thank you, T.

Come back when you're not feeling so.. muck.

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