Saturday, January 30, 2010

What i want. When i want.

Step 1. In progress...
You'll all catch on soon enough.

You are the only person in charge of your actions, feelings and behavior.

Woke up bright and early, i love the sound of morning pigeons. Have really not been feeling hungry, just eating mechanically. And quite a lot according to the scales yesterday. I'm not taking the suppliments but i am definately heading in a wonderful new direction. Freshly plunged Brazilian coffee beans and the smell of my new strawberry shrub sprouting some little retarded knobbly berries. Sunshine and a read of the paper on the grass with my dog.. all at sunrise mind you. Fixed myself up the last bowl of Bam-Cereal and Honey Yogurt with Bloobs. And some crosswords. Hey, i'm a nerd.

i don't know where the decision came from, but there is no going back now.
Had my second little outting with Jessica today, we drank extra large pink milkshakes(took me about 20 minutes to decided STRAWBERRY VANILLA OR MOCHA!? WHEN IN DOUBT ...PINK!) Did you know i can't tolerate Milk? No? Me either oh my god we should be best friends.

But really, it has been giving me hell since midday. We got the times muddled up but having said that i got to see my favourite and then see a movie that i wasn't expecting to love and made some brash decisions without second doubting myself.

Bran Nue Dae, a stage show brought to the big screen. All about an aborigine boy trying to find his way home after shunning the Father of his Boarding school for stealing Cherry Ripes and Coca Colas. Well, if you're gonna piss off the big guy.. may as well do it in style! Brilliant line up, cheesey songs and so many 'woah, um.. can they.. uhh get away with saying that?!" Really enjoyed it.
Met up with Mama afterwards and took her out to Panache for Lunch.

Got on with the rest of my hoarding for the big-thing tonight and then came home for a catch up on the computer. And got to see Tessa.. and kindly slapped her with a little sachet of Horse Placenta.... you can have fun with whatever just popped into your little heads right then. But i speak no word of a lie!

Woo.. time for Step 2!


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