Monday, November 1, 2010

Been Mean, Ning too.

I meant to post care-packages that i have hoarded/gathered/made from the past 12 months to the following, and am still yet to lick the back of the stamp..Why?

I meant to get up at 6.58 every morning so i am out slamming the footpath by 7.15

I meant to make attendance, roller derby the priority more than my obligation lately.

I meant to catch up with so many, SO many.. no wonder i wasn't invited to my high school pals wedding.

I meant to call Megan to see how her Operation(not even knowing she had said op. due to shitty friend i am) went.

I meant to give up coca cola for a day.

I meant to give up obsessive thoughts.

I meant to be kinder to myself. Please?

I meant to save money.

I meant to see my old best friend Aron, what the fucks a Jailskate?

I meant to clean my room (whilst singing, Let's Get Organized.. a song my mum wrote about the important of organization the tune of Let's Get Physical...)

I meant to pay back Paul and Dad.

I meant to get my bicep finally tattooed.

I meant to study for the STAT exam, what on earth am i going to do if i DON'T get into uni?

I meant to be the friend people can depend on, not just the wimpy sick kid.

I meant to stay off facebook, FACEBOOK has become a means of the world. If you're not on facebook; it's almost as if you are living in this cyber world where nothing is said or done. This silent movie. I'm done with you; visitation rights a minority.

I meant to fall in love.
I wish somebody knew the thoughts, the patterns that go on inside my skull. Why i feel like falling in love is the be-all and end-all of life. Like i have to meet his/their expectations to be considered a better person? I'll question mark the points i'm attempting to make clearer with myself.

I meant to not make food an issue, but rather a pleasure.

Speaking of pleasure.

God i hope my familia don't find this.

I am so utterly, utterly in love with my Bhoy. He is perfect.
I don't know how, or why.. but we have to take the bull by the balls, and we have to do it now. Before the first word out of our babies lips is the status update of a lifetimes regret.

I'm back, Lauren, Stack, Danger. Whatever.

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  1. I can relate to 90% of this. You are such a beautiful Stack/Lauren. And you're totally human xo