Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nothing by half, just a little bit.

As i sit here overlooking the corio (i would be able to see the You Yangs but alas father grey has misted over) bay and sipping on a Hawt Moccona, a billion thoughts run through my head.

Speaking of running, every morning. I admit, i don't like the thought of running.. i've never been good at it. In school, i swear i had my period for 6 years straight. Or so Ms S and Mr R would have thought. I broke my arm playing "Octopus" in my orientation at Yr 7 PE.... But after i'm out there.. after i "just get to the corner.. just past that red car... " it HITS.. and all of a sudden i'm breathing better, my chestical doesn't hurt(apart from the superman i took at training the other day).. my gut is solid, my legs are strong.. Even growing out of my cheeky little shorts.

My dad has diabetes.
I knew it.

I don't know why.
We are more similar than he thinks, but i saw the medication and it was a flash. "A mild form"...

Dad... You also told me you had a "Mild Form" of prostate cancer.
he grows the most amazing mo, never donating... merely because he donated when they ripped out the little suckers from his blood stream.. all rare now. He has rogue cells floating about which is kind of scary but my point is.. this is real.

I have the most beautiful Bhoy in the entire world. One that snores so loud he wakes me up in shock horror... one that tilts his head when i tell him i have to go to Derby now.... One that gives me gentle bulldog kisses.

He is wonderful. I never thought i could love something this much again. Duke is getting use to him and i hope he gives him a wollop of Bhoy gets too close. In my ideal world i'll find them snuggling on the couch when i get home from work.

Work = suffice.
I have to learn more.
Our range of stock.

My tail is on fire from those ketchuping.
I may have a bit of a crush going on, but it's been that long i'll ignore it for another 4 years.

I've had some strange dreams lately.
I'll need to list.

Next'll be a list.
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time.. no really, it is.

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