Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fans in colour; thinking fuschia.

Bagpipes are hootin' and a hollarin' from the loungeroom.
The kitchen smells of spray & wipe and a little bit of Lavender..
Duke is still hiding in the wardrobe.
Bhoy is washed, flea'd, wormed and outside with Black Bear
I'm two coffees into the morning, vegemite toasted and not so much hating myself

I use to think i was one of the most confident people i knew, i use to believe in myself, trust myself.. therefor trust my actions and decisions.
I skated well yesterday, i ploughed harder, i bet 9 to the line. Anybody that depicts that little metaphor will understand how happy i was.

After cracking the sads and moping outside last night with fish and chips alone on the grass .. 9 mosqweeto bites later... i apologised to Folks for being an arsehole. To my dog for crying instead of playing...

Sorry guys, the sun just came out.

I'm going shopping.
I'm a girl at heart, fuck it.

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