Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where; homeland
Time; 10.43PM
Feeling; Stuffed, Pooped, Exhausted, Disappointed, Lethargic
Matter; A whole wheel of blue vein cheese & Crackers (And sundried tomatos)
Occasion; T's Babyshower
Weather; Balmy
Alcohol; Strongbow Clear
Ate; Cold Sausage Rolls, Dirty Prawn Wontons, Packet o' Crackers, Cheese Platter, homemade Peanut butter rice bubble ball and some icing from a cupcake.
Feeling now; shattered
Why?; walked home and ate half a packet of LARGE Cheese and Onion Potato Crisps.
Aftermath; Hour run & hooping most the night.
To burn or not to burn, that is the question.

[# I eat when I am not hungry.
# I eat until I feel extremely uncomfortable, not just full.
# I eat a lot—and often.
# I snack and nibble all day long.
# I feel out of control and can't stop eating.
# I eat very fast.
# I prefer to eat alone.
# I keep my eating habits a secret from family and friends.
# I always seem to be dieting—and breaking my diet.
# My weight goes up and down by more than a few pounds.
# I feel disgusted, depressed, and guilty after I eat a lot]

Do you guys get sick of reading about it?
I had a subway salad for lunch because i didn't know what i was having for dinner; therefor 'allowing' myself the added bonus of chocolate & carbs tonight.
I'm more afraid of carbohydrates(the little fellas that stop my brain box from fudging up on me than i am of fats ie; cheese/nuts.)
I'm psycho aren't i?

Bhoy licks feet.
Things i have noticed;
I ENJOY running, once i'm out.. but sometimes i have to really force myself to get out of bed.
I don't step on drains/grates. I jump/leap them everytime..
I walk a different route every morning.
I simply MUST wash my face and brush my chompers as soon as i wake up and right before bed..Just feels better.
Dry Shampoo is my best friend. Not matter-o-factly but .. well it's awesome.
I'm going for a walk around the block to feel me better.


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