Wednesday, November 3, 2010

French & Saunders.

To make a concious effort to make this blog not only about battles but show that the inner self is quite a calm, natural, rash speaking, positive, savvy, happy folkwoman.

Things i love;
Circus themes, always have.. ran away to join the Anglesea Circus when i was first dealing with some personal issues. Fell in love with the boa's, the folk, the hoops, the sparkles, the freedom.. not so much the hour drive when i was out of work.. Sdraulig gave me much insight to the beauty that the world beholds, no matter how much we choose the other path.

Animals, in general.. When i was little my favourite book in the world was a giant Animals of the World book.. as in giant, it was bigger than me.. made out of hard cardboard. A little something(the exact same, as this) Apparently i would take it with me everywhere i go, i recently found a copy of it in Kerleys Auction house but the memory alone made me smile.. I didn't need the proof.

I loved reading!!
Sign of the Seahorse
Magic Faraway Tree
Wuthering Heights
Black Beauty

I loved movies;
Comedies, Romances, Old Horror, Documentaries, Stand Ups, Animations, Telemovies..
I have hundreds of DVDS and VHS just sitting in boxes .. a Sweeney Todd still unopened that i bought for $35.99 when it first came out on sale.. how much money i spent on these movies.. and these days i can not for the life of me even attempt to sit down 'relax' and watch a movie.. This is something i would love to do again.. be in control of my head or not have control that i am able to just SWITCH OFF..

This is something i'm looking forward to with University.. a chance to give it my all while i'm there and ENJOY my time off. This week i have only worked a 3 hour shift last night, i graduate another Class tonight and then i work the next two days.. It is rediculous.. going from 37 hours to 17. I can't live like that. I just went to go into town to by make up and then realized i really can't be bothered spending the money NOR do i really want to leave Bhoy to buy materialistic crud when i can and probably will just do a Kmart run tonight/tomorrow. So why bother wasting the petrol now? Enjoy my time at home! Kick your feet up (I wake up at 6.58am every morning to go for a walk/run with Spike and i come home shower, coffee, breakfast, then kind of just.. wait around for stuff to happen.. or tidy up my to do list..)

Did i mention that i got home to my two lovebirds hiding behind my Oriental Fans last night? Oh that was a delight. I dreamt of dead feathers last night.
They're alive. Just spooked. I think i have to change their names to French and Saunders. or Lano and Woodley? or Hale and Pace?

Well my tummy is starting to growl, but the elasticity on this skirt WOW-HAY-HOLD-UP.

I'm fine.

Things i love? I love my family. No matter how mental they drive me, how much we clash, how self important they can be.. i love them whole. Even the ones that are rude and ignore me. Yep, you're still in the heartbox too. Bad luck, you got me for life.

I love my friends, each one of them have in some way or another changed my life.
From things they've said, to adventures we've had. I will try even harder to be there for them as they are and always have been there for me. I miss Kathryn like there is no tomorrow. She would ALWAYS make me laugh. So strange how somebody can be your whole world one minute and a mere dot on your radar the next.

I love roller derby, as much as i have to drag myself there sometimes. At first, it was this whole new world. Then it was an excuse to burn C's. At the moment it feels like this wicked obligation... but that's because i'm trying so hard to hold control over everything else that sometimes sitting at home quiet, without peoples comments is alot nicer.
Deep down, i love it. More than anything. I tried so hard to give it my all, to make it my world. It was one of the main reasons i somehow managed to deal with minor (yep..back down to the lower mark these days) weight gain.. it gave me something to use my body for, a tool as well as a temple.. i guess. I got to meet the most wonderful women, men alike. Beautiful souls that i wouldn't have had the chance to meet.. they'll come, they'll go.. but deep down i'll love them to bits and bruises till i slither on into this deep dark earth.

I need food.

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