Monday, November 22, 2010

from 28/01/2010

I will ref a Bout
I will go to Sydney
I will get a tattoo
I will welcome a new Bern
I will venture outwards
I will join two groups
I will dye my hair
I will do more volunteer work
I will find Part Time/Full Time work doing something i ENJOY
I will get bar work
I will save some paper and shrapnel
I will complete two short courses
I will apply for 2011 University
I will go to the Dinosaur Museum
I will fall in love again and again and again
I will walk the Otway fly
I will go camping
I will celebrate my best friends 21st
I will get ready for the big migration outta mama hens
I will make time to be bored
I will read five books that i've always wanted to
I will go to the movies alone
I will learn how to make REAL coffee
I will find duke a best friend
I will volunteer at the School

I will get my motorbike licence
I will get my fishing licence
I will learn to play piano/pianee!
I will learn my nephews favourite colours/songs/teddys?
I will get a massage table and DO what i am qualified for!
I will start my own business
I will be happy
I will wake up early
I will meet strangers
I will do my VSDMA Teaching

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